We offer proven anti snoring aids against snoring & obstructive sleep apnoea

MADs keep the lower jaw and tongue slightly forward and thus prevent snoring.

Oral Appliances


Oral appliances achieve a slight advancement of the lower jaw and tongue and thus an opening of the upper respiratory tract.


Oral appliances, also called mandibular advancement devices, are an effective treatment option for snoring. They can also be used for mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnoea which is accompanied by nocturnal breathing stops. Mandibular advancement devices, like our proven SomnoGuard® oral appliances, are worn in the mouth at night. They cause an advancement of the lower jaw and tongue to prevent an obstruction of the upper airways. It can be distinguished between prefabricated mandibular advancement devices and custom-made appliances by the dentist. Our prefabricated SomnoGuard® oral appliances consist of a thermoplastic material which can be formed according to the teeth (comparable with a dental impression) when heated in a boiling water bath. Custom-made oral appliances, in contrast, are made in a dental laboratory in accordance with a dental impression taken by your dentist.


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Supine Position Preventers


Supine position preventers support lateral position while sleeping and prevent supine position that encourages snoring and nocturnal breathing stops.


The sleep in supine position is one of the most frequent causes for snoring. This sleeping position encourages the lower jaw and tongue to fall back. As a result, the upper airways are narrowed causing the typical snoring sound. One approach to solve the problem is the position therapy with supine position preventers, also called positioning aids. Supine position preventers encourage you to sleep on your side or your stomach and prevent sleeping on the back. By wearing the supine position preventers regularly during sleep, the body can get used to sleeping in lateral position. The position therapy can thus evoke a learning effect: After a while, many persons concerned no longer need to wear positioning aids since they automatically sleep in lateral position.


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SomnoCushion Comfort supine position preventer supports lateral position while sleeping
Airmax nasal dilator placed inside the nose to optimise nasal breathing.

Nasal Dilators


Nasal dilators improve nasal breathing by softly spreading the nasal wings and thereby opening the nasal entrance.


Especially in times of colds and allergies, many people suffer from nasal congestion resulting in an impaired nasal breathing at night. Nasal breathing problems, in turn, encourage snoring. Nasal dilators, also called nasal stenst or breathing aids, are placed inside the nose at night. They widen the narrowest part of the nasal entrance by softly spreading the nostrils and thus facilitate nasal breathing.


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