What is SomnoStick®?

SomnoStick® is a bite registration stick for determining the position of the lower jaw for the fitting or adjustment of mandibular advancement devices.



How does SomnoStick® work?

Based on the normal bite situation and the maximum lower jaw advancement, the individually suitable lower jaw advancement of the mandibular advancement device can be determined.


How is SomnoStick® used?

The stick is inserted into the patient’s mouth so that the upper incisors are positioned in the notch of the stick. First, the normal position of the lower anterior teeth is marked on the scale. The second marking is made at the position of the lower anterior teeth at maximum lower jaw advancement.




The distance between the two marks now corresponds to the patient’s maximum possible lower jaw advancement, which can be used to calculate the advancement for the mandibular advancement device (e.g. 50% of the maximum possible advancement).