SomnoGuard® SPX

SomnoGuard® SPX Oral Appliance

against snoring and sleep apnoea



  • Thermoplastic material with memory effect
  • High wearing comfort thanks to a delicate design
  • Width of the trays can be adapted according to the jaw size
  • Infinitely adjustable mandibular advancement
  • Mouth breathing and mouth opening possible
  • Also suitable for patients with a receding lower jaw


What is SomnoGuard® SPX?

SomnoGuard® SPX is a two-piece mandibular advancement device that allows limited mouth opening. It is our latest development in the field of prefabricated SomnoGuard® mandibular advancement devices and represents a new generation of mandibular advancement devices. The two oral trays consist of a hard outer tray shell and a prefabricated thermoplastic material with memory effect. After heating the trays in a hot water bath, the thermoplastic material becomes easily mouldable. Teeth impressions are formed when biting into the soft material (comparable with a dental impression). After the appliance cools down in a cold water bath, the material hardens and maintains its new shape.
A special slot mechanism in the centre of the front part of the appliance allows the width of the tray to be altered. After heating the trays in a hot water bath, they can be altered according to the jaw size by gently pulling the trays apart or pressing them together.
SomnoGuard® SPX causes the desired advancement of the lower jaw and tongue, and thus the opening of the airways. Snoring is reduced or at best even prevented.


The fitting process only takes about 20 minutes

(Please also read the instructions for use)

    • 1. Heat the trays in a hot water bath for approx. 40 seconds.
    • 2. Bite into the soft thermoplastic material. It forms according to the teeth and leaves a dental impression.
    • 3. Cool the trays in cold water to harden the material.
    • 4. Connect the trays using the two side connectors.
    • 5. The lower jaw advancement can be continuously adjusted by turning the screws in the middle of the connector.
    Hint: To achieve an optimal therapeutic result it is recommended that SomnoGuard® SPX is fitted by physicians or their trained medical staff.


    How to adjust SomnoGuard® SPX?

    Two connectors of equal length connect the upper with the lower jaw. The lower jaw advancement can be infinitely adjusted by turning the screws between the connectors with the spanner. The opening of the respiratory tract depends on the extent of the adjusted lower jaw advancement.

    Who is SomnoGuard® SPX suitable for?

    SomnoGuard® SPX is suitable for every jaw size, also for patients with a receding lower jaw (retrognathia).
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