SomnoGuard® SP Soft

SomnoGuard® SP Soft Oral Appliance

against snoring and sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS)


Advantages of SomnoGuard® SP Soft

  • Incremental advancement of the lower jaw from about -3 to +10 mm
  • Also suited for patients with a receding lower jaw (retrognathic bite)
  • Very low bite opening (the distance between the incisors is only 2 to 3 mm)
  • Mouth breathing and mouth opening possible
  • Contains no metal components


What is SomnoGuard® SP Soft?

SomnoGuard® SP Soft is a two-piece, incrementally adjustable mandibular advancement device to treat snoring and mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS). The prefabricated oral appliance consists of two identical trays for the upper and lower jaw. Each tray consists of two components. The hard outer tray shells are made of polycarbonate and are filled with a biocompatible thermoplastic material. SomnoGuard® SP Soft moves the lower jaw slightly forward and opens the upper airways. Snoring and breathing stops at night can thus be reduced or completely prevented.

The fitting takes only about 20 minutes

(Please also read the instructions for use)
1. Heat the trays in boiling water for about 3 ½ minutes.
2. Allow the trays to cool down for about 15 seconds in the air.
3. Bite into the soft thermoplastic material. It forms according to the teeth.
4. Cool the trays in cold water to harden the material.
5. Connect the trays with the side connectors.

You can find further information in the detailed user instructions in the download area and in the following fitting video.
Note: To achieve an optimal therapeutic result, we recommend that SomnoGuard® SPX is fitted by a physician (e.g., dentist, ENT physician, physician in the sleep laboratory) or their trained medical staff.

Fitting video

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How to adjust SomnoGuard® SP Soft?

Two connectors of equal length connect the upper and lower trays laterally with each other. The shorter the connector, the stronger the lower jaw advancement. Depending on the length of the connector pair chosen, a protrusion is possible up to + 10 mm.

Who is SomnoGuard® SP suitable for?

Especially for patients having a smaller to medium jaw size, a retrognathic or deep bite. For bruxists we recommend the SomnoGuard® AP 2 oral appliance.

Tip: You are unsure which of our SomnoGuard® oral appliances is best for you? Take a look ok at our SomnoGuard® comparison in the download area which compares the different characteristics of of the MADs.


The thermoplastic material used is biocompatible and contains no allergens, no latex, no silicone and no plasticizers (such as BPA).

Where can I buy the SomnoGuard® SP Soft oral appliance?

You can buy the Somnoguard® SP Soft oral appliance in our Somnora snore shop or directly from us by phone, fax or e-mail (

Buy SomnoraGuard SP Soft oral appliance online at Somnora Snore Shop


You can also use oral appliances in combination with other anti snore devices, such as our Airmax nasal dilator or positioning aids.
You are looking for a long-term oral appliance therapy against snoring and OSAS? Then our custom-made mandibular advancement devices are the right thing for you.
SomnoGuard® SP, quality made by Tomed in Germany, is protected by a European patent: EP 2 349 138 B1