SomnoGuard® SP Pro

SomnoGuard® SP Pro custom-made mandibular advancement device

for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea


What is SomnoGuard® SP Pro?

SomnoGuard® SP Pro is a custom-made, two-piece mandibular advancement device used to treat snoring and mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in adults.
The production in the dental laboratory allows an individual adaptation to the patient’s teeth and jaw conditions. After a dental impression has been taken by the dentist, the upper and lower jaw trays are fabricated using the functional elements by means of the pressure mould technique. Lateral connectors join the upper and lower jaw trays together so that the appliance allows a limited mouth opening.

How does the custom-made oral appliance work?

SomnoGuard® SP Pro can reduce or prevent habitual snoring and mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnoea. The upper and lower jaw trays of the appliance are connected laterally by two connectors, which are used to adjust the mandibular advancement. The opening of the respiratory tract depends on the extent of the adjusted lower jaw advancement.

How is the mandibular advancement of SomnoGuard® SP Pro adjusted?

The SomnoGuard® SP Pro delivery includes four stainless steel fixation knobs and wires, two screw connectors, a connector set (connectors without screws in lengths 23 – 32 mm), a spanner and the instructions for use. The length of the connectors can be individually adjusted or selected.
The package includes two screw connectors as well as a connector set (connectors without screws). The extent of the mandibular advancement depends on the length of the connectors. The shorter the connectors, the greater the advancement. It is recommended to start the therapy with the screw connectors and – once the optimal protrusion has been determined – to use the connectors from the set (connectors without screws) for long-term use. However, therapy can also be started directly with the connectors without screws.
The screw connectors each have a spindle screw in their centre. The length of the connectors can be changed by turning the spindle screws using the spanner. The screw connectors can be replaced in the long term with the connectors from the set (connectors without screws). To do this, measure the length of the screw connectors and then select the corresponding connector lengths from the set.
Depending on the extent of the lower jaw advancement set, the upper airways are more open. Snoring and nocturnal breathing pauses can thus be reduced.


Advantages of custom-made mandibular advancement devices over prefabricated devices

  • Particularly high wearing comfort due to filigree construction
  • Thanks to very thin side walls of the trays, the tongue has even more room to move
  • Very delicate and yet stable
  • Designed for many years of continuous use


Instructions for the manufacture of SomnoGuard® SP Pro

After a construction bite has been taken by a dentist, a plaster model is constructed in the dental laboratory and articulated with the aid of the protrusion bite. After duplicating the model, the pressure forming technique is used to deep-draw hard-elastic shells for the upper and lower jaw as the construction basis for the custom-made mandibular advancement device. All commercially available thermoforming foils in various thicknesses (about 2 mm) can be used for the manufacturing process. An acrylic adhesive is then applied to the areas where the functional elements are to be fixed. The attachment points for the metal buttons and wires are in the lower jaw in the molar region and in the upper jaw in the canine region. After the acrylic adhesive has cured, the shells are ground and polished. The upper and lower jaw trays are then connected by lateral connectors and the lower jaw advancement is adjusted.

Where can I buy SomnoGuard® SP Pro?

Dentists and dental laboratories can order SomnoGuard® SP Pro by phone, fax or email ( from TOMED.