SomnoCushion® Standard

SomnoCushion® Standard Anti-Snoring-Backpack

for the correct sleeping position at night

SomnoCushion® Standard Anti-Snoring-Backpack is worn like a traditional backpack at night and reliably prevents sleeping in supine position. Studies have shown that by preventing supine position, snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea can be significantly reduced. Especially when sleeping on the back, the lower jaw and tongue fall back so that the tongue and the soft tissue narrow the upper airways.
The backpack shell consists of a sturdy cotton fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton). Inside the backpack shell is an air cushion that is inflatable by mouth. The three ribbons in the shoulder and abdomen area, kept in discreet white, are provided with sliding buckles. Individual adjustment of the integrated air cushion pressure and the belt tension in the area of the abdomen and shoulders ensure a high wearing comfort of the backpack. Moreover, it’s almost imperceptible at night due to its low weight. The anti-snoring-backpack is perfect for travelling since it can be stored space savingly in the luggage.
SomnoCushion® Standard is available in one size fits all and can be worn regardless of body height. Regarding the body weight, it is especially suitable for patients with normal or low obesity (i.e. BMI up to 28). Persons concerned with strong overweight, we recommend our SomnoCushion® Pro since it is more robust. Patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea should consult their medical professional before starting a position therapy with supine position preventers.
Care instructions: The backback shell can be washed in a washing machine at 60°C and at a low speed frequency, without spinning, only air dry.
Since body positioning during sleep is accompanied by a training effect, most users do not need to use the positional sleep aids constantly every night after a few weeks.
Note: The use of the sleep positioning aids is supportive and useful also in patients who use other anti-snoring-devices, e.g. CPAP masks or oral appliances, at night.
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