SomnoCushion® Pro

SomnoCushion® Pro Anti-Snoring-Backpack

to treat positional snoring & positional sleep apnoea


What is SomnoCushion® Pro?

SomnoCushion® Pro anti snoring backpack is a positional sleep device that is worn like a traditional backpack at night. It is also known as positional sleep apnea devices and can be compared with a sleep apnea vest. SomnoCushion® Pro prevents supine position during sleep.
Studies show that the number of nocturnal breathing stops when sleeping in supine position is twice as high as in lateral position. Sleeping on the back encourages snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea as the tongue and soft tissue fall backwards and can block the upper respiratory tract. SomnoCuhsion® Pro positional sleep device keeps the user from turning on the back while sleeping.

Composition & material

We produce SomnoCushion® Pro in Germany. The ultralight backpack cover consists of a tear-resistant nylon fabric. The backpack cover contains a high quality inner cushion which is filled with a mixture of polyester fiber and foam flakes. Both fillers are certified according to OEKO-TEX®. The special filling material and the smooth backpack cover adapt to the individual shape of the back ensuring a high wearing comfort. The padded and length-adjustable waist and shoulder straps with practical velcro fastener ensure that the backpack does not slip when sleeping and is comfortable to wear.
In addition to the inner cushion, we offer an air cushion that is inflatable by mouth. The air cushion is light and space-saving and is ideal for travelling.
Air cushion for SomnoCushion® Pro anti snoring backpack

Who is SomnoCushion® Pro positional sleep device suitable for?

SomnoCushion® Pro is particularly suitable for severely obese patients (i.e. as from BMI 28/29). For patients with a normal weight or only slightly overweight, we recommend our SomnoShirt® anti snore shirt or our SomnoBelt® anti snoring belt. In the case of obstructive sleep apnoea, we recommend that you discuss this form of treatment with your doctor in advance.


The anti snoring backpack is offered in two sizes: size 1 (S – M, waist strap 108 x 19 x 8 cm), size 2 (L – XXXL, waist strap 143 x 19 x 8 cm). The sizes comply with your clothing size of tops.

Care instructions

Clean the backpack with a damp cloth if necessary. To clean the inner cushion cover, remove the filling and hand-wash the cover with colour detergent at 30-40°. Air dry the cover and put the filling back in.

Training effect

Positional therapy is accompanied by a training effect. Most users no longer have to wear positioning aids every night after a few weeks.

Where can I buy SomnoCushion® Pro?

You can buy the SomnoCushion® Pro positional sleep device online in our Somnora snore shop or directly from us via telephone, fax or e-mail (

Buy SomnoCuhsion Pro positional sleep device online at Somnora Snore Shop


The use of the sleep positioning aids is supportive and useful also in patients who use other anti snore devices, e.g. CPAP masks, oral appliances or a Airmax nasal dilator.

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