to alleviate pregnancy-related problems in the back, the pelvic floor and the dam area



To ensure that the pelvis is flexible enough for birth, the body releases the hormone progesterone contributing to a loosening of the ligaments, the tissue and the muscles. However, this also weakens the strength of joints and stability of muscles. In addition, weight is accumulated due to the growing baby, the amniotic fluid, the placenta and growing breasts which loads the muscles. The additional weight gathers in the abdominal region which often results in a hollow back with pregnant women. These factors – the loosening of the tissue of the pelvic ring, the additional weight and the unnatural position – often result in tensions and discomfort as of the 20th week of pregnancy, like back, pelvic and sciatic pain. The sensation of pain hinders the natural motion sequence and the well-being of the pregnant women can strongly be affected.


The GraviBody® support and compression body serves to alleviate pregnancy-related problems. GraviBody supports the back and lumbar spine and offers compression, i.e. a counterpart to the perineal area. GraviBody® consists of a wide abdomen belt that is infinitely adjustable by a velcro/hook-and-loop fastener and supports the uterus. Narrow straps for the torso that are individually adjustable in length and tension distribute the weight of the uterus on the whole body. An equal distribution of the uterus’ weight, also in the back area, is achieved by wide straps dividing the narrow straps in the front. The arrangement of the straps ensure on the one hand that the womb and the baby are not cramped and constricted and on the other hand that the weight pressure on the vagina muscles is reduced. In the back area, the abdomen belt is connected with two narrow straps supporting the buttocks. In the perineal area, those two straps are combined to one wide replacable strap that can be connected with a velcro to the abdomen belt at the front. Those straps relieve the lower part of the spine. In this way, GraviBody® also achieves a compression in the pelvic area. The authors of a clinical trial (rf. to the download area at the bottom: Edler et al., Effect on pregnancy related discomfort on the back, pelvic and vaginal area through compression therapy with a support garment, Die Hebamme 2005; 18: 244 – 247) recommend its use.


  • prophylactically for weakness of the connective tissue, vulva varices (varicose veins in the genital area), former complications in previous pregnancies as well as twin pregnancy and multiple pregnancy
  • therapeutically for descensus complaints, discomfort in back, hip and symphysis area, as well as
  • post-partum for loosening of the symphysis



  • individual adjustment options ensure that GraviBody® grows with the baby
  • Lightweight
  • easy to put on and wear
  • can be worn with normal underwear
  • air-permeable and skin-friendly
  • practical and comfortable – can even be worn while using the toilette
  • a second, replacable pelvic strap facilitates hygiene


kidsgo test seal

GraviBody was awarded with the kidsgo test seal

10 pregnant women have tested our GraviBody® pregnancy support and compression body in the kidsgo product test. The result: GraviBody® receives the overall grade “good” and is recommended by 80 % of the testers. All testers agree – GraviBody® is suitable for everyday use, as it has a supporting effect and still offers a certain freedom of movement. 60 % of pregnant women find wearing GraviBody® pleasant to very pleasant. In 90 % of the testers, the symptoms of pregnancy could be partially or completely alleviated.


GraviBody is made in Germany

The material consists of breathable fabrics and is therefore very comfortable to wear (58% polyamide, 28% polyester, 14% elastane). GraviBody® is manufactured in Germany according to strict quality standards. Carefully selected textiles that are tested for harmful substances certified to Oeko-Tex as well as the highest manufacturing quality guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.


GraviBody® is available in the german standard sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48. The sizes refer to the time prior to the pregnancy and automatically take into account physical changes accompanied by the pregnancy (e.g. weight gain). On request, special sizes are available for an extra charge.

Care instructions

Gentle hand wash only. Do not iron. Do not use bleach. Do not tumble dry, but hang wet and air dry.


GraviBody® is not listed in the catalogue of therapeutic appliances of the service of leading German associations of healthcare insurance providers. However, with a suitable prescription by gynaecologist, most healthcare insurances cover the costs completely or at least partly.
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