to alleviate pregnancy-related problems in the back, the pelvic and the sciatica



To ensure that the pelvis is flexible enough for birth, the body releases the hormone progesterone contributing to a loosening of the ligaments,the tissue and the muscles. However, this also weakens the strength of joints and stability of the muscles. In addition, weight is accumulated due to the growing baby, the amniotic fluid, the placenta and growing breasts which loads the muscles. The additional weight gathers in the abdominal region which often results in a hollow back with pregnant women. These factors – the loosening of the tissue of the pelvic ring, the additional weight and the unnatural position – often result in tensions and discomfort as of the 20th week of pregnancy, like back, pelvic and sciatic pain. The sensation of pain hinders the natural motion sequence and the well-being of the pregnant women can strongly be affected.


The GraviBelt® pregnancy bandage serves to alleviate pregnancy-related problems. The wide and elastic belt of the GraviBelt® pregnancy bandage supports the back and lumbar spine alleviating the pain. An upright position and the mobility are promoted. The narrower part of the bandage in the abdominal area can be fastened with an adjustable velcro. Thus the flexible bandage can be adapted to the abdominal girth throughout the whole pregnancy. The ties attached to the back and the side of the belt allow an individual width adjustment and adjustments regarding personal needs for comfort and stability. The six plastic rods that are sewed into the back region stabilize an upright position which helps to further alleviate the pain.


  • with pelvic and back pain
  • with sciatic pain and pain that radiates in all regions of the body
  • with pain in the symphysis region or loosening of the symphysis
  • also recommended to be worn at night during sleep
  • with pain due to physiological loosening of the pelvic ring



  • individual adjustment options ensure that GraviBelt® grows with the baby
  • low net weigh
  • easy to put on and wear
  • can be worn with normal underwear
  • permeable to air and skin-friendly
  • practical and comfortable



Made in Germany Button GraviBelt

The material consists of breathable fabrics and is therefore very comfortable to wear (47% polyamide, 28% polyester, 25% cotton). GraviBelt® is produced under strict quality standards in Germany. Carefully selected textiles that are tested for harmful substances and certified according to Oeko-Tex as well as the highest manufacturing quality guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.


GraviBelt® is available in the german standard sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48. The sizes refer to the time prior to the pregnancy and automatically take into account physical changes accompanied by the pregnancy (e.g. weight gain). On request, special sizes are available for an extra charge.

Care instructions

Gentle hand wash only. Do not iron. Do not use bleach. Do not tumble dry, but hang wet and air dry.


GraviBelt® is prescribable and listed in the catalogue of therapeutic appliances of the service of leading German associations of healthcare insurance providers with the following position number:
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