Airmax® Classic Nasal Dilator

for an improved nasal breathing


What is Airmax®?

Airmax® nasal dilator (also known as nasal stent or intranasal stenting device) is a breathing aid that was developed together with ear, nose and throat physicians and depicts an effective solution for nasal breathing problems and snoring related to nasal breathing. Placed inside the nose, Airmax® widens the narrowest part of the nasal entrance by spreading the nostrils. The improved airflow during inhalation and exhalation optimizes nasal breathing.


  • improves breathing with nasal congestion
  • use of nasal drops can be reduced or discontinued
  • protects nasal mucous membranes
  • reduces snoring related to nasal breathing
  • more restful sleep thanks to better oxygen supply
  • secure fit, comfortable to wear and discreet design


Airmax classic with nasal congestion

Due to its unique form, Airmax® soflty dilates the nasal valves making it much easier to breathe when your nose is congested. It’s particularly suitable for:

  • allergies
  • cold
  • pregnancy
  • deformity of the nostrils or nasal septum
  • constriction of the nasal valves, or
  • during air travel

You will also have a reduced need to use nasal drops or can even stop using them completely.

Airmax® Classic when snoring

Snoring sounds are caused by fluttering motions of soft tissue in the throat area. If this is triggered by a nasal breathing impediment, Airmax® offers a solution by widening the nasal entrance and making it easier to breathe through the nose. The mouth is opened for breathing less often or not at all. Vibration of the soft tissue and the resulting snoring sounds are reduced or eliminated.
Problems with nasal breathing and snoring often lead to superficial sleep. Airmax® improves breathing through the nose and increases the supply of oxygen. In the morning, you will feel better rested and more full of energy because your sleep is deeper and more recuperative.

Material and sizes

Airmax® is made of soft, odorless and medically certified silicon (S.E.B.S), which guarantees a comfortable wear. It is available in “small” and “medium” sizes. In most cases, small is appropriate for women and medium for men. To ensure a high wearing comfort, a secure fit and a maximum effect Airmax® should be replaced with a new unit every three months since it looses its softness after that period of time.

Proven effectiveness

Airmax® was developed together with ENT physicians and medical engineers, and clinical studies have repeatedly proven its effectiveness. In one study of 137 patients suffering from snoring and mild sleep apnea, 75% of patients experienced a significant and lasting reduction in snoring – and its duration – when using Airmax®. Moreover, Airmax achieves a higher number of satisfied customers compared to other internal nasal dilators and is about 2.5 times more effective than nasal strips.
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