Airmax® Sport Nasal Dilator

Airmax® Sport Nasal dilator

for better nasal breathing during exercise


What is Airmax® Sport?

Airmax® Sport is a nasal dilator (also called nasal spreader, nasal wing spreader or nasal clip) from the Dutch company Airmax B.V. Inserted into the nose, Airmax® widens the nasal entrance by spreading the nostrils. It improves the airflow when breathing in and out and can reduce breathing problems during sports.


If the air through the nose is not sufficient during sports activities, we usually open the mouth automatically to breathe. Wearing Airmax® means that the change from nasal to oral breathing can take place less frequently. To do this, insert the Airmax® symmetrically into the nose until the connecting bridge of the Airmax® rests on the bridge of the nose.

Airmax Sport erleichtert die Nasenatmung beim Sport.

Airmax® Sport is available in sizes S and M. Usually, size S (Small) is more suitable for women and M (Medium) for men. For a high level of comfort, a secure fit and maximum effect, it is recommended to replace the Airmax® by a new one every three months.



  • Airmax® Sport spreads the nostrils and can improve nasal breathing during exercise.
  • It is made out of soft, odourless and medically certified plastic (S.E.B.S.).
  • The transparent material and discreet design guarantee inconspicuous wearing.
  • Small, soft “barbs” ensure that the Airmax® fits securely in the nose during sports.
  • Airmax® Sport can be used for about three months.


Where can I buy Airmax® Sport?

You can buy the Airmax® Sport nasal dilator in our Somnora online shop (link to

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