What are custom-made SomnoGuard® oral appliances?

Custom-made mandibular advancement devices are dental appliances for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (nocturnal breathing stops). The manufacturing in the dental laboratory enables individual adaptation to the patient’s teeth and jaw conditions.


How do SomnoGuard® oral appliances work?

SomnoGuard® mandibular advancement device can reduce or completely prevent habitual snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The advancement of the lower jaw and tongue counteracts a narrowing of the upper respiratory tract. The upper airways are more open and breathing is made easier.

Relaxed jaw position - tongue and soft tissue narrow the upper airways

Relaxed jaw position: tongue and soft tissue narrow the upper airways

Open respiratory tracts with SomnoGuard oral appliance

With SomnoGuard® oral appliance:
open respiratory tracts

Advantages of custom-made oral appliances compared to prefabricated MADs

    • Particularly high wearing comfort due to delicate design
    • Thanks to the very thin side walls of the dental appliance, the tongue has even more room to manoeuvre
    • Very delicate and yet robust
    • Also suitable for prosthesis wearers and with considerable tooth gaps
    • Designed for long-term use (5 years and longer)


How are individually manufactured SomnoGuard® oral appliances produced?

After a construction bite has been taken by a dentist, a plaster model is constructed in the dental laboratory and articulated with the aid of the protrusion bite. After duplicating the model, the pressure moulding technique is used to deep-draw hard-elastic trays for the upper and lower jaw as the construction basis for the custom-made mandibular advancement device. The metal Components are fixed to the mandibular advancement device with acrylic adhesive. The upper and lower jaw trays are connected by an adjusting screw (SomnoGuard AP Pro) or laterally by connectors (SomnoGuard SP Pro).


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Where can I buy custom-made SomnoGuard® oral appliances?

Dentists and dental laboratories can order the custom-made mandibular advancement device SomnoGuard® directly from TOMED by telephone, fax or e-mail (



You can also use our custom-made SomnoGuard® oral appliances in combination with other anti snore devices against snoring and sleep apnoea, e.g. positioning aids or our Airmax nasal dilator to improve nasal breathing.